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Char­lotte is given two Marans to add to her flock

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Ner­vous new ar­rivals

Iam not sure why it keeps hap­pen­ing, but I have been given two more hens: a French Cop­per Black Marans and an English Cuckoo Marans. They are al­ready three years old but will hope­fully lay a good batch of dark brown eggs next spring – yes I’ve got a bit of time to wait. I think my friends felt a bit guilty be­cause both the hatch­ing eggs they gave me only pro­duced two cock­erels! These two new hens were very ner­vous and un­friendly to start with and things haven’t im­proved now that I have let them out to join

my flock. This is un­der­stand­able if they weren’t han­dled much in their pre­vi­ous home where they were prob­a­bly left pretty much to their own de­vices. They look in very good health, though and the Cop­per Black has a beau­ti­ful red comb! I did lose both my Cop­per Black and Cop­per Blue in the last year or two so it is nice to have a cou­ple of re­place­ments.


I didn’t man­age to sell any of my new Fay­oumi crosses so have a to­tal of seven new hens, but they look very pretty as part of my flock as they have such beau­ti­fully coloured feath­ers! I am quite glad now that I didn’t sell them as they should lay well next year.


Although leaves are a pain to sweep up, at least rak­ing them up also gets rid of loose feath­ers and chicken pooh scat­tered across the lawn and will make a great mulch when com­posted down. Be­ware though; make a pile of leaves, leave it for two sec­onds and ten to one a hen will have scat­tered them to the four winds within a minute!


Win­nie seemed re­ally un­well re­cently. She was at the start of her moult but I thought she was on her last legs as she is about six years old and her part­ner died a year or so ago. She was not eat­ing and was light as a feather. She was stand­ing hunched up all day and tak­ing lit­tle in­ter­est in any­thing. But she has pulled through; she is a good way through her moult now and is look­ing much bet­ter. She is eat­ing and cack­les away hap­pily when I put the feed­ers out in the morning. Just shows that some­times there is a happy end­ing!

RIGHT: A pretty light brown Fay­oumi cross with no crest

ABOVE LEFT: A Cuckoo Marans ABOVE RIGHT: A French Cop­per Black Marans

Char­lotte Popescu

ABOVE: A Fay­oumi cross RIGHT: Win­nie, a Wheaten Marans – on her way back from the brink

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