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QMy three Rhode Is­land Reds have just started lay­ing — one started at the end of Novem­ber and the other two this past week. How­ever, they are all lay­ing small eggs. Is this nor­mal? Will it change?

AJulie Moore says: Gen­er­ally, POL hens will lay small­ish eggs to start with — it’ll take sev­eral months for the eggs to reach ‘full’ size. If the hens come into lay later, for ex­am­ple at 25 weeks, the eggs tend to be larger from the out­set.

Eggs from in­di­vid­ual hens of the same breed can vary con­sid­er­ably in size and this is sim­ply down to the ge­net­ics of the in­di­vid­ual hens. Whilst RIR tend to lay large eggs, some RIR hens never lay more than a medium egg their whole lives.

Older hens tend to lay larger eggs, but less of them, than their younger coun­ter­parts.

Egg size may also vary ac­cord­ing to the hen’s lay­ing sea­son, of­ten start­ing with smaller eggs which be­come larger as the sea­son pro­gresses.

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