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Meet Su­san with her amaz­ing speck­led be­hind

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Meet a Sus­sex with a fluffy be­hind!

This is an old breed de­rived from the Old Sus­sex fowls which were bred in Vic­to­rian times for their meat and eggs. The old­est va­ri­ety is in fact the Speck­led Sus­sex. The Light Sus­sex was de­vel­oped us­ing Brah­mas, Cochins and Dork­ings in the south east of Eng­land. Old English Game were used in the make-up of the Browns and Buffs and were de­vel­oped dur­ing the twen­ties. Dur­ing the war Light Sus­sexes along with Rhode Is­land Reds seem to have been pop­u­lar breeds to keep for the dual pur­pose of eggs and meat. Colours vary from brown, red, speck­led, sil­ver and white Sus­sexes but light and buff are prob­a­bly the most com­mon colours. The Sus­sex is a heavy soft-feath­ered breed avail­able as ban­tams or as large fowl. The hens are re­ally good lay­ers of tinted eggs and tend to lay in the win­ter as well.

Char­lotte Popescu

ABOVE: The lovely Sus­sex. IN­SET: My Speck­led Sus­sex’s won­der­ful fluffy bot­tom.

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