Eg­gc­it­ing chal­lenge

Jo Bar­low needed six eggs for a spe­cial cake - but was it Mis­sion Im­pos­si­ble for the girls?

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their word, they all start­ing think­ing eggy thoughts, and bottoms that had not been near a nest box for many months (or years) nes­tled down to await that Peace­ful Eggy Feel­ing.

It was a wor­ry­ing few days as, like an ex­pec­tant fa­ther, I checked the nest box at reg­u­lar in­ter­vals. So slow was their progress (tak­ing into ac­count they had to have at least one egg a day to ‘keep them go­ing’) that I had a se­cret back-up plan of get­ting eggs from a friend’s girls. Oh ye of lit­tle faith! Very slowly, day by day, the nor­mally empty egg bowl in the larder (think tum­ble­weed) be­gan to fill up. One egg, then an­other. Then an ag­o­nis­ing lull, then eggs three and four in quick suc­ces­sion. We were so close! Would we make it?

Of course we would. My girls have never let me down. The elu­sive fi­nal egg ar­rived a whole 12 hours be­fore the eggs had to go to the baker. What clever girls I have.

The cake was baked, looked mag­nif­i­cent and was loved by my par­ents, who were thrilled at the ster­ling ef­fort their grand­chick­ens had put into its pro­duc­tion.

Well done ladies, you can now get back to your life of leisure.

ABOVE: Miffy takes a break. TOP RIGHT: Milly is think­ing about it... ABOVE RIGHT: Eggs-actly what was re­quired. BELOW: The splen­did an­niver­sary cake.

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