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QSome­one said that di­atoma­ceous earth (DM) could be used as a nat­u­ral wormer – how would this work? A Vic­to­ria says: The only li­censed wormer is Fluben­vet which does not harm the hen and re­moves all of the six types of worms, strength­en­ing the hens’ health. DM is sharp as it des­ic­cates the chitin of the mites and can thus dam­age the gut lin­ing of chick­ens, so please only use DM in the hut lit­ter, nest­box and on the skin of the hen as an ex­ter­nal par­a­site con­trol. The best DM for mites is from Bi­olink as this is the gen­uine, undi­luted, con­trolled prod­uct, as per the Bio­ci­dal Prod­uct Reg­u­la­tions. How­ever, the pow­der should not be in­haled and thus should be used/ap­plied us­ing a pa­per-type nose and mouth mask, eas­ily ob­tain­able. There is no ef­fec­tive “nat­u­ral” wormer, some herbs can act as a slight de­ter­rent, they cer­tainly do not con­trol chicken worms.

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