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Chick­ens have their own lan­guage – and so do chicken peo­ple! Do you ever won­der what a word in Your Chick­ens means? Here’s Hat­tie to the res­cue with her own hen­cy­clopae­dia!


Do you pre­fer baths or show­ers? Chick­ens don’t much like get­ting wet, but they do love to have a bath in the dust! This might seem a funny way to get clean, but by shuf­fling dry earth through their feath­ers, they can get rid of dirt and in­sects. First a chicken needs to find a nice patch of dry soil. Then she pecks away at the ground to loosen it up and make a hol­low where she can snug­gle down. Once in there, she throws the soil all over her­self, fluff­ing up her feath­ers and mak­ing sure it gets right down to the skin. Af­ter all that ef­fort, she has a lovely re­lax in her bath, be­fore shak­ing out the soil and straight­en­ing her feath­ers, us­ing her beak to put on some preen oil, which is in a gland un­der her tail. Now she’s all ready to go to the hen party! It’s very im­por­tant for chick­ens to be able to have a dust-bath, but if there’s nowhere suit­able in their run, you can eas­ily make one with a plas­tic box and some dry soil or play sand.

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