In a flap or wing­ing it?

This month’s fun quiz. Com­piler: Anne Perdeaux

Your Chickens - - Egg-sposé -

1 What colour eggs are given to cel­e­brate the ar­rival of a baby in China: A White B Red C Gold


Which breed was Supreme Cham­pion at the Na­tional Poul­try Show in 2017: A Leghorn ban­tam B Serama C Rosec­omb


Dur­ing 21 days in­cu­ba­tion the weight of an egg should ide­ally: A Stay the same B In­crease by 11% C De­crease by 13% 4 Where does the Ayam Ce­mani breed come from: A Thai­land B In­done­sia C Philip­pines


Which of these is the least de­vel­oped in chick­ens: A Sense of smell B Hear­ing C Mem­ory


What is a par­tic­u­lar iden­ti­fy­ing sign of My­coplasma: A Di­ar­rhoea B A sweet smell C Scratch­ing and ir­ri­tabil­ity 7 Egg-pro­duc­tion is stim­u­lated by: A The adrenal glands B The pineal gland C Parathy­roid glands


In the ex­hi­bi­tion world, a rare breed is de­fined as: A A chicken without a ded­i­cated breed club B A re­cently de­vel­oped chicken breed, not yet stan­dard­ised C A breed with num­bers below 200


DM is a com­monly used ab­bre­vi­a­tion for: A Marek’s Dis­ease B De­p­lum­ing Mite C Di­atoma­ceous Earth

10 Where was the Aus­tralorp breed first de­vel­oped: A United King­dom B Aus­tria C Aus­tralia


Which chicken ail­ment is usu­ally caused by the staphy­lo­coc­cus bac­te­ria: A Aspergillo­sis B Bum­ble­foot C Scaly Leg


The num­ber 3 stamped at the begin­ning of the code on an eggshell means the hen was kept: A Or­gan­i­cally B Free-range C Caged 13 The 600,000th hen res­cued by the Bri­tish Hen Welfare Trust is now liv­ing next door to which Royal res­i­dence: A Kens­ing­ton Palace B Wind­sor Cas­tle C San­dring­ham House


Where is the chicken’s voice­box lo­cated: A At the back of the mouth B At the top of the tra­chea in the throat C At the base of the tra­chea in the chest


Who’s the odd one out: A Nor­folk Black B Nor­folk Bronze C Nor­folk Grey

ABOVE: Q3: I’m sure these eggs are get­ting big­ger! TOP RIGHT: Q5: Do you re­mem­ber what I told you? MID­DLE RIGHT: Q6: Chick­ens at auc­tions may be at risk from my­coplasma. ABOVE RIGHT: Q7: What stim­u­lates egg pro­duc­tion?

Q11: Does the staphy­lo­coc­cus bac­te­ria cause Scaly Leg?

Q12: Do you know where your egg was laid?

Q15: Is the Nor­folk Grey the odd one out?

Q14: I’m look­ing for my voice­box!

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