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1. (b) Red eggs are tra­di­tion­ally given to wel­come a new baby in China. 2. (a) A black Leghorn ban­tam pul­let won Supreme Cham­pion – a Rosec­omb was Re­serve Cham­pion. 3. (c) Dur­ing in­cu­ba­tion an egg’s weight should de­crease by 13% as mois­ture is lost and air ab­sorbed. 4. (b) These to­tally black chick­ens come from Java, In­done­sia. 5. (a) Chick­ens have good hear­ing and can iden­tify oth­ers by their calls. They can also re­mem­ber places, peo­ple and up to at least 96 other mem­bers of their flock. 6. (b) Other signs of My­coplasma are res­pi­ra­tory prob­lems and foamy eyes. 7. (b) The pineal gland is some­times called the third eye and re­sponds to light. 8. (a) Chick­ens without their own breed club are de­fined as ‘rare’ for show­ing pur­poses, and are catered for by the Rare Poul­try So­ci­ety. 9. (c) Di­atoma­ceous earth is also known as Di­atom. 10. (c) The Aus­tralorp was de­vel­oped in Aus­tralia, and de­rives from the black Or­p­ing­ton. 11. (b) Aspergillo­sis is caused by fun­gal spores and Scaly Leg by a par­a­site. 12. (c) Or­ganic is in­di­cated by an ‘O.’ ‘1’ is free range. ‘2’ means the hen was barn-kept. 13. (a) This lucky hen has been re-homed on the al­lot­ment at Kens­ing­ton Gar­dens. 14. (c) The chicken’s voice­box (the sy­rinx) is in the chest – and can­not be re­moved to pre­vent crow­ing! 15. (c) Only the Nor­folk Grey is a chicken breed – the other two are tur­keys!

So, did you wing it? Check your score:

10-15 points: Soar­ing high – well done! 5-10 points: Flap a lit­tle harder and you’ll air­borne 1-5 points: Read­ing Your Chick­ens will give you wings!

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