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Q I am look­ing at get­ting a few new girls this year to join my flock of 13. I have been told that as mine are not vac­ci­nated I should only get un­vac­ci­nated chick­ens. Is this true?

A Vic­to­ria says: Most hy­brid hens are vac­ci­nated as a mat­ter of course against In­fec­tious Bron­chi­tis and Marek’s dis­ease. Pure breeds tend not to be as they are hardier than com­mer­cial strains. Vac­ci­nated chick­ens may be car­ri­ers of a dis­ease with­out show­ing symp­toms, so al­though the risk is low, if you have pure breeds, I would ad­vise against adding vac­ci­nated com­mer­cial hy­brids. In any case, it is sen­si­ble to quar­an­tine any new stock - many peo­ple view a quar­an­tine area as a ‘lux­ury’ and a bit of an un­nec­es­sary idea, but they are po­ten­tially risk­ing the health all of the poul­try on their premises by not quar­an­tin­ing which may mean the de­struc­tion of many years of se­lect­ing for a great strain of a par­tic­u­lar breed. Hav­ing a ded­i­cated quar­an­tine area is not dif­fi­cult to cre­ate and may save dis­ease trans­fer and heartache, as well as al­low­ing worm­ing with Fluben­vet to be car­ried out and cider vine­gar pro­vi­sion to re­duce the stress of new premises and trans­port.

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