Keep poul­try in the coop dur­ing Bon­fire Night

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QI’m 10 years old and I have just bought four chick­ens. I look af­ter them all by my­self. They are very healthy and happy, but I’m wor­ried about Bon­fire Night. My friend’s dog goes mad when he hears fire­works and he lives in the house. I think my chick­ens will be ter­ri­fied out in the gar­den. Should I bring them in­doors?

AAnne Perdeaux says: Chick­ens don’t like change and are best left in their own coop where they feel safe. Shut them in be­fore the fire­works start and they will prob­a­bly sleep through it all. Al­though chick­ens don’t usu­ally seem wor­ried by fire­work noises, bright lights may dis­turb them if their coop has a win­dow. You could cover this with a cloth or blan­ket if there are fire­works and bon­fires close by. Just in case, add some un­pas­teurised ap­ple cider vine­gar to the chick­ens’ drink­ing wa­ter dur­ing fire­work week (about 20ml vine­gar per litre of wa­ter in a plas­tic drinker). This will help them to re­cover from any stress they might feel. Check around the gar­den for any fire­work re­mains be­fore let­ting the chick­ens out in the morn­ing — they may be at­tracted by the brightly coloured pa­per. If you are hav­ing a bon­fire your­self, make sure that all your chick­ens are in their house be­fore light­ing it, and keep them away from the hot ashes the next day.

Fire­works may be fun for hu­mans, but chick­ens and other an­i­mals can find them fright­en­ing and stress­ful

Bright lights may dis­turb chick­ens if their coop has a win­dow

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