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Are you still find­ing eggs in your nest boxes? Hens of­ten stop lay­ing in the shorter days of au­tumn and win­ter. This is be­cause they have a gland be­hind their eyes (the pineal gland) which re­acts to light. Even a blind chicken will know whether it is dark or light out­side. As the days get longer in spring, the pineal gland sends a mes­sage that it is time to start lay­ing eggs. When there are only a few hours of day­light, the pineal gland stops send­ing the mes­sage to lay eggs — this isn’t a good time to hatch new chicks. Chicken farmers put lights in their barns so the hens will keep lay­ing eggs in win­ter, but pet chick­ens usu­ally get a nice rest un­til spring.

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