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Dora goes ex­plor­ing

“We’re ready.” Poppy twirled her dress. “Ge­orge even combed his hair.”

“Well done,” said Dad. “Gran will be very im­pressed.”

“We only see Gran when she phones on the com­puter,” said Ge­orge.

“Mum’s so ex­cited she’s vis­it­ing,” said Dad. “They’ll be back from the air­port soon.”

“We’ll just shut up the chick­ens,” said Poppy.

“But there is an au­to­matic door,” said Dad. “I don’t want you two get­ting dirty.”

“We must check them,” said Ge­orge, “and put away their food be­cause of rats.”

“We won’t get dirty,” promised Poppy. Two min­utes later she was back. “Dora’s not there,” she cried. “Don’t worry,” said Dad. “We’ll soon find her.”

They searched ev­ery­where, but the lit­tle brown ban­tam had dis­ap­peared. “It must be a fox,” sniffed Poppy. “Hang on,” said Dad. “Some logs were de­liv­ered to­day. Maybe she’s been ex­plor­ing again.”

He peered into the log pile. There was Dora — stuck in the mid­dle. Dad lifted her out.

“Good job we checked,” said Ge­orge. “At least she’s safe now.”

“But you two look like scare­crows,” said Dad. “Bath­room — quick.” A car tooted out­side. “Oh no,” said Poppy. “They’re here.”

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