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THE CHICKEN Ho­tel of­fers a range of spa ser­vices all year round.

“I thought it would be fun to call the chick­ens ‘guests’, de­scribe their meals as ‘open air buf­fets’ and pro­vide pedi­cures (claw trims) and nose jobs (beak trims). I even of­fer a mite pow­der spa treat­ment, to keep them mite free,” says The Chicken Ho­tel’s owner David Roberts.

Claw trim­ming is nec­es­sary for many hens and David keeps his chick­ens on a patch of earth which is quite soft with few rocks so that their claws nat­u­rally grow and aren’t worn down.

“Clip­ping their claws is quite a del­i­cate job,” David notes. “If you’re not used to it, you don’t want to clip too much as they will bleed, but if you’re ex­pe­ri­enced you can see where to clip. It’s the same with the beaks. If the top beak grows too long it be­comes a prob­lem at feed­ing time. These clip­pings, if done cor­rectly, are com­pletely pain­less, like clip­ping your own fin­ger­nails. I also give them a lit­tle file af­ter­wards to tidy them up. Some­times a chicken that hasn’t been han­dled very much can get quite pan­icked by the ex­pe­ri­ence, but one lit­tle trick I dis­cov­ered is to hold them up­side down with one hand (on the back). They kind of get hyp­no­tised by the world be­ing up­side down and they go to sleep. When I turn them back up again I hold them, give them a gen­tle stroke to calm them, and they’re OK.”

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