Su­per sur­plus food for hens

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It is, of course, il­le­gal to feed your hens any­thing that has been bought in the su­per­mar­ket and gone through your kitchen. How­ever, you can feed your hens sur­plus pro­duce from your gar­den. In fact, I can’t stop the hens eat­ing my ap­ples, which are fall­ing ev­ery­where; the only frus­trat­ing thing is when they peck just a lit­tle out of per­fectly good ap­ples and then move on to peck at oth­ers. They will also eat plums, damsons and pears. I also bring home plenty of sur­plus let­tuce leaves, chard and beet­root leaves from the al­lot­ment which they tuck into with rel­ish. They also love toma­toes that have split or over-ripened and that might oth­er­wise be thrown out. The same ap­plies to over­grown cour­gettes. I am also giv­ing the outer leaves from cauliflow­ers and other bras­si­cas for the hens to gob­ble up.

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