Worm hens three to four times a year

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Q When is the best time of year to use Fluben­vet? Should I get the feed with it mixed in?

A Vic­to­ria Roberts says: Hens should be wormed three to four times a year in or­der to keep them strong and healthy for egg lay­ing, breed­ing or moult­ing. Fluben­vet can ei­ther be mixed in to pel­lets for seven days us­ing the 60g tub (put a lit­tle veg­etable oil on first to stick the pow­der), or pur­chased al­ready in-feed. Do not pur­chase too much of this feed since if it goes out of date it can be­come toxic or, at the very least, lose most of its nu­tri­tional value. Al­ways check the use-by date at pur­chase. Eggs can still be eaten by their owner while worm­ing, but the Vet­eri­nary Medicines Direc­torate does not al­low the sale of eggs while treat­ment is be­ing un­der­taken.

Worm­ing hens helps to keep them strong and healthy for egg lay­ing

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