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It is worth grow­ing pump­kins if you have the space. You can use the flesh for soups or pies and roasted pump­kin is de­li­cious. The hens will eat the pump­kin seeds and any of the stringy flesh sur­round­ing them. They love it and it is just as nu­tri­tious for them as it is for hu­mans. In fact, pump­kin flesh con­tains carotenoids which will help to give your egg yolks a deep yel­low colour. The beta carotene preva­lent in pump­kin doesn’t af­fect the yolk colour, but it will be con­verted into vi­ta­min A and metabolised by the hen. It is the other carotenoids in the pump­kin, such as the lutein and zeax­an­thin, which will help to give yel­low­ness to the yolks. These are the same carotenoids that are found in green grass.

The chick­ens en­joy eat­ing pump­kin

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