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HOW TO... save on pet insurance


When you need to save money, it’s tempting to cancel the pet insurance. But consider whether you could afford the cost if your pet did need treatment for illness or injury. If you can, keep your insurance but spend time shopping around for a better deal.

• Whether you already have cover or you’re looking for a new policy, do a price comparison on a few different websites to ensure you’re looking at a range of insurers.

• Even if you already have cover, it’s still worth comparing like-for-like every now and then. Check what is and isn’t included in each quote, such as vaccinatio­ns, vet visits, surgery, procedures, X-rays, dental and medication­s.

• Comparison sites won’t include all pet insurers, so contact Direct Line and Petplan directly for their best quotes.

• Pet insurance tends to come in three levels with more cover for the more you pay. Check carefully to make sure the policy is right for both you and your pet before signing up.

• Large, non-routine costs can include injuries, illnesses, third-party liability cover and the cost of advertisin­g and a reward if your pet is lost or stolen.

• Insurance won’t usually pay for things like regular vaccinatio­ns, check-ups, worming and flea treatments, so these are likely to be an added cost on top.

• Pre-existing conditions won’t usually be included if switching to a new policy, so it may be worth sticking with your current insurer if this applies.

• You may qualify for free or subsidised vet treatment if you’re on certain benefits. Charities, such as the PDSA, Blue Cross and the RSPCA may offer assistance.

• Many insurers give a discount of up to 10 per cent if you insure two or more pets at the same time, so ask about multi-pet policies as you could make big savings.

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