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WE TEST… clothes airers

Things we considered: Is it sturdy? Is it easy to set up and take down? How much washing can you fit on it?


Deluxe clothes airer 14m, £17.50, Wilko

As the cheapest option on test, this is a savvy household essential that still retains quality. It’s tall, but it feels fairly sturdy and there are simple-to-use catches on either side of the airer to lock it into place. There’s also an attached sock dryer so they don’t fall off, as well as four corner hooks for hanging long items. It has an impressive 14m of drying space capacity and is capable of holding 20kg – much more than a regular washing load.

Premium 2-in-1 indoor airer, £36.79, Vileda

With a total drying space of 18m, this clothes airer is best suited to larger households with big laundry loads. Its size means that more delicate items can also be laid flat for drying. The wings are perfect for hanging longer items, and one is detachable so it can be hung on a radiator. Thick poles create less creasing and a handy hanger for socks is also included. It was easy to put together, after a little practice, and folds down flat for storage.

Extendable 3 tier airer, £22, Dunelm

This adaptable airer extends horizontal­ly from 44cm to 72cm, so it’s ideal if space is tight. It’s easy to put up and feels very sturdy once assembled. Assembly is simple enough, you just raise it up and slot the ‘lid’ in place, but the lid can be tricky to detach when you want to fold it down. Rails on the top mean that this petite airer provides enough drying space for a standard wash load. It also folds down very compactly – around half the size of some of the other airers on test.

Minky X-wing clothes airer 16m, £22, B&M

Easy to set up and adjustable, this airer is a good option for varied washing loads. The wings can be set at different angles (great for hanging long items) or set flat. Smaller items can hang on the legs of the airer, so it easily takes a full load of washing. It felt sturdy, even with the wings set at the highest point, as the legs are well-spaced apart. It’s surprising­ly simple to take down and folds practicall­y flat. Although it’s quite big when up, this airer doesn’t take up much room when folded down.

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