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Go large around your arena and then, in walk: l1 Start a fig­ure of eight at the op­po­site end of the arena to your fan of poles. l2 Walk over the poles across the di­ag­o­nal (b) and con­tinue to ride the sec­ond loop at the top, pass­ing be­hind the fan of poles (a). l3 As you ride back across the di­ag­o­nal, pass through the poles (b), keep­ing your reins sym­met­ri­cal to en­sure your horse stays on a straight line. l4 Re­peat this on the other rein and then change di­rec­tion. l5 When you’re ready, raise the poles on the di­ag­o­nal at al­ter­nate ends and re­peat the ex­er­cise. l6 Do this in trot, too. Also do the ex­er­cise on both reins and in both di­rec­tions.

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