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Leg-yield is one of the first lat­eral moves your horse will learn and it also sets him up for the more ad­vanced half-pass. Here, Sam ex­plains an ex­er­cise that’ll get your horse used to mov­ing side­ways, while keep­ing his body straight. How to ride it a) Go large around your school in trot on the right rein. b) Ride a 15m cir­cle at one end of the school. c) In the cor­ner of your school, trot across the di­ag­o­nal. d) As you reach the cen­tre of the school, put your left leg on and leg-yield back to the track. e) Keep your horse’s body straight, with­out too much neck bend. f) Re­peat four times. g) Change the rein and re­peat.

Be­fore start­ing to leg-yield, ride across the di­ag­o­nal of the school Praise your h orse f or even a small a mount o f t he s ide­ways move­ment. I t h elps h im l earn he’s d oing t he r ight t hing

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