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In­cor­po­rat­ing shoul­der-in as part of your school­ing en­cour­ages your horse to be­come more sup­ple through his body. In this ex­er­cise, Sam links the cir­cle from ex­er­cise one with shoul­derin. Your horse will need to be sup­ple through his body to main­tain bal­ance through­out. a) Go large on a left rein around your school. b) Fo­cus on hav­ing an even rhythm in your trot and straight­ness in your horse’s body. c) At one end of the school, ride a cir­cle be­tween 10 and 15m in trot. d) As you come back to the track, ride down the long side of the school and ask for shoul­der-in. e) Open your in­side hand to en­cour­age your horse to bend around your in­side leg. f) Cre­ate in­side flex­ion and con­trol the an­gle of shoul­der-in with your in­side rein. g) Con­trol the pace with your out­side rein. h) Use your in­side leg to main­tain ac­tiv­ity, while your out­side leg keeps his hindquar­ters straight on the track. i) Once you reach the op­po­site end of the school, ride an­other cir­cle be­tween 10 and 15m in trot. j) Ride back to the track and change the rein be­fore re­peat­ing on the other side.

Link­ing move­ments, such as cir­cles, is a good test of your horse’s bal­ance

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