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This next ex­er­cise fo­cuses on im­prov­ing your horse’s bal­ance and en­gage­ment, which will help your horse halt square as his hind legs will be equally bal­anced un­der­neath him. Rid­ing tran­si­tions within the pace is a great way to check that your horse is lis­ten­ing. It also keeps his hindlegs ac­tive, which will help im­prove how he halts.

Try this

a) In work­ing trot, col­lect the trot for three or four strides and then ride for­wards again. b) Re­peat this around your arena at ev­ery other marker. c) Your horse should re­main re­spon­sive and light on your aids as you col­lect him and ride for­wards.

Take it up a level

Next, you’re go­ing to ride some col­lected strides up the cen­tre line. This tests whether you can col­lect your horse and ride him straight. It also en­ables you to check that he re­mains en­gaged and off his fore­hand be­fore adding in a halt tran­si­tion. a) Look up and ahead to the cen­tre line in good time. b) Ride a half-halt to bal­ance your horse as you turn onto the cen­tre line. c) To keep your horse straight, ride with your hands a lit­tle lower and wider. d) As you pass over X, col­lect your horse as if you’re go­ing to halt. e) Main­tain a col­lected trot for a cou­ple of strides be­fore rid­ing for­wards again.

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