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Hope­fully, if the pre­vi­ous ex­er­cises have worked, achiev­ing a square halt should be easy. To be­gin with, you may not recog­nise whether your halt is square or not. Ask a friend to tell you whether your horse is stand­ing square, or if you have arena mirrors, use these. If your horse doesn’t halt square you need to qui­etly ask him to step for­ward with your cor­re­spond­ing leg. Main­tain your con­tact as you ask, so that he doesn’t walk off.

Try this

a) In tr ot, turn ont o the cen­tre line and pick a point where you want your horse t o halt. b) Keep look­ing up and ahead, with your shoul­ders back, and sit a lit­tle deeper in the sad­dle . c) You need t o ride the hind legs into the halt and ask for the tr an­si­tion from your seat, rather than from your hand. d) A lit­tle pla y down the reins will help main­tain a soft­ness and r elax­ation in his neck. e) As y ou ask f or halt, try mov­ing your leg back a frac­tion to chan­nel your horse into the halt and so that you can c on­trol the po­si­tion of his body . f) If the halt is squar e, it should feel as if y our horse’s weight is e venly dis­trib­uted and you should be able to feel his hind legs un­der­neath your seat.

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