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It’s im­por­tant that you’re bal­anced when you ask for a halt. If your legs are a lit­tle too for­wards or too far back, the aids you give could con­fuse your horse and may cause him to fid­get. In halt, keep your hands and seat still, and soften the hand slightly to stop your horse lean­ing on the bit.

Try this

As you’re rid­ing round the school, run through the fol­low­ing po­si­tion checklist: a) Are you sit­ting equally on both seat bones? b) Are you look­ing up and ahead where you’re go­ing? c) Do you feel as if you have equal weight into each of your stir­rups? d) Are your shoul­ders level? e) Do you have an even con­tact down both reins?

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