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Pooches on the yard — does it re­ally grind your gears or do you love the pit­ter-pat­ter sound of paws fol­low­ing you into the feed room? We asked on Face­book and this is what you said...

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I think it’s great when horses are in­tro­duced to well-be­haved dogs. I’m happy to wel­come other peo­ple’s dogs on the yard if they are used to horses, or if any­one has pup­pies look­ing to be in­tro­duced to horses for the first time. Com­mon sense is needed for every­one’s safety, though. Clare Tay­lor My horse doesn’t mind dogs run­ning around the yard or go­ing into his field. I think it’s good to get them used to dogs be­cause they’ll al­ways meet them out hack­ing. Jackie Coyle My horse is used to dogs. He’s even stayed still while a Labrador ran un­der him. He’s also used to my ter­ri­ers run­ning along­side him or play­ing with his foot­ball — and we’ve even car­ried a ter­rier home while out on a ride. Louise Hor­wood


It’s good for horses to get used to dogs, but they need to be con­trolled. We have peo­ple com­ing to our yard with their dogs and while the ma­jor­ity are on a lead, the odd one or two aren’t and peo­ple ig­nore signs about dogs not be­ing al­lowed in cer­tain ar­eas. Jane Hall Un­for­tu­nately, there is al­ways one or two peo­ple who refuse to teach their dog to be a good ci­ti­zen. I will not board at a yard that al­lows non-liv­ery own­ers’ dogs to roam around. De­bra Lin­boe My is­sue is with un­ob­ser­vant own­ers who al­low their dogs to mess and not clean it up. A run around the yard while muck­ing out is a lazy al­ter­na­tive to a proper walk. Good own­ers and their lovely dogs are al­ways wel­come if they act re­spon­si­bly. Lynne Evans

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