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Tie your reins in a knot and let your arms hang down by your sides. For each of the fol­low­ing ex­er­cises, it’s not about how quickly you can do them. Think qual­ity — do each ex­er­cise slowly and stay in con­trol of the move­ment. The aim is for your body to re­main in the cor­rect po­si­tion in the sad­dle as you do them.

Arms out to the side and ro­tate

This is a great way to work on im­prov­ing your bal­ance and us­ing your seat. As you ride this ex­er­cise, make sure your arms re­main level with your shoul­ders as you ro­tate each way.

How to do it:

Lift both arms away from your body so that they’re par­al­lel to the ground (ie, hold­ing them away from your sides) Ro­tate from your waist to the left, then straighten Ro­tate to the right and straighten Re­peat this half a dozen times be­fore rest­ing

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