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First, use five poles on the line of a cir­cle. It helps you to prac­tise see­ing a stride to your first pole, im­proves your horse’s can­ter and can help to set­tle him into an even rhythm.

How to ride it

SET IT UP: This ex­er­cise is rid­den on a 20m cir­cle. At the top of your school or pad­dock, place five can­ter poles (or as many as you have) three yards apart, fol­low­ing the line of your cir­cle. a) Go large around your arena in trot. b) Ride onto your 20m cir­cle. c) Trot over the mid­dle of your poles; you should get two of your horse’s foot­falls in be­tween each pole. d) Ride over the poles twice. e) Change the rein and re­peat. f) Re­peat the ex­er­cise, this time mov­ing up to can­ter. g) Can­ter over the poles, bounc­ing over them, sit­ting up tall in the sad­dle.

Take it up a gear into can­ter, aiming to bounce over the poles

First t rot ove r the poles t o fa­mil­iarise your horse with the ex er­cise

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