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As you ap­proach a fence, it’s vi­tal that you can adapt your horse’s stride to help him take off per­fectly. To do this well, he’ll need to be lis­ten­ing to you and be quick to re­act to your aids.

How to ride it

SET IT UP: Place two poles at a ran­dom dis­tance, on the three-quar­ter line of your school or pad­dock, as shown in the di­a­gram (left). a) Ride large around your arena on the left rein, es­tab­lish­ing a bouncy can­ter. b) Look to­wards your poles. c) Turn and can­ter straight to­wards your poles. d) As you go over the first pole, count the num­ber of can­ter strides to the sec­ond. e) Next time around, lengthen or col­lect your horse’s stride to al­ter the num­ber of strides be­tween the poles by one. f) Re­peat the ex­er­cise, each time ei­ther short­en­ing or length­en­ing your horse’s can­ter stride. g) Change the rein and re­peat. TOP TIP: Use your body rather than your hands as aids. This stops you pulling on your horse’s mouth and en­cour­ages your horse to re­spond to changes in your body­weight. Lighten your seat when length­en­ing his stride and sit up and back in the sad­dle when short­en­ing it.

After the first pole, count the num­ber of strides to the sec­ond

Use your body weight to in­flu­ence your horse’s stride

No set dis­tance

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