Skill two: Im­prove flex­i­bil­ity

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The more sup­ple your horse is through his body, the bet­ter he’ll be able to ex­e­cute tight turns with bal­ance and pre­ci­sion, help­ing you to go clear. “Horses are very of­ten more sup­ple on one rein than the other,” ex­plains Yazmin. “It’s im­por­tant to work them equally, as you’ll be work­ing on both reins in a jump-off.”

How to ride it

a) On the right rein, can­ter a 20m cir­cle.

b) Use your in­side leg and hand to en­cour­age your horse to flex his head to the in­side of the cir­cle.

c) As you can­ter round, keep him be­tween your leg and hand to main­tain the rhythm of the can­ter.

d) Can­ter around the cir­cle twice, main­tain­ing flex­ion to the in­side.

e) Straighten your horse up, change the rein and re­peat on the left rein.

Use your in­side leg and hand to en­cour­age your horse to move his head to­wards the in­side of a cir­cle

When your horse flexes to the in­side, soften your hand to re­lease the pres­sure on the in­side rein as a re­ward

Can­ter your horse on a 20m cir­cle

Prac­tis­ing tight turns teaches your horse to bal­ance him­self

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