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My horse has got a very wiry mane and tail. Are there any prod­ucts or brushes I can use to make it a lit­tle smoother? Katie Evans, Aberdeen


Mane and tail con­di­tioner and leave-in spray can help manes and tails feel less wiry, but like our own hair — and pre­sum­ing your horse al­ready en­joys a bal­anced diet — it’s not re­ally pos­si­ble to change the tex­ture. Main­tain­ing the length you want, con­di­tion­ing after wash­ing and then plait­ing manes and tails un­til they are dry will help their ap­pear­ance. En­sure hoods on rugs aren’t rub­bing the hair. Spray­ing di­luted ap­ple cider vinegar (at a ra­tio of 50:50 wa­ter to vinegar) is said to help soften manes and tails and add shine, too.

Hard-to-man­age tails and mane of­ten need the help of a con­di­tion­ing prod­uct

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