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Cobs, like any rid­ing horse, need to be light in the hand and even in the rein con­tact. They can, though, get a lit­tle heavy in the hands and be­fore you know it, your horse is on the fore­hand. Here’s how Katie uses a school­ing whip to help with this.

How to ride it

l1 Ride your warm up as usual, in walk, trot and can­ter. This is the time to as­sess how your horse feels through your hands. Are you be­ing pulled for­wards or does the weight in the reins feel un­even?

l2 If the an­swer is yes, pick up a school­ing whip. l3 Hold the whip hor­i­zon­tally be­low each of your thumbs. l4 The whip will put your hands in a great po­si­tion, keep­ing the thumbs on top, where they should be. l5 Work for 10 min­utes in all gaits with the school­ing whip. It keeps your hands level and con­sis­tent, with­out be­ing fixed, which in turn stops your horse from ei­ther be­com­ing un­even or lean­ing. l6 Keep glanc­ing at your hands ev­ery few me­tres, as this will pro­vide vis­ual ev­i­dence of what’s hap­pen­ing through the rein.

Use a school­ing whip to help you achieve the right feel NOVEM­BER 2018

Carry the school­ing whip hor­i­zon­tally

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