130,000 years old

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The first wild Ex­moor ponies came to Bri­tain from Alaska about 130,000 years ago. De­spite be­ing prey an­i­mals, they were bred and widely dis­trib­uted through­out the British Isles and the breed has largely been kept pure. About 9,600 years ago, cli­matic change re­stricted the open graz­ing habi­tats to moun­tain and moor­land ar­eas. The ponies on these be­came iso­lated on the up­lands and were known as the British Hill Pony. The first writ­ten records of ponies on Ex­moor are men­tioned in the Domes­day Book when Ex­moor was des­ig­nated a Royal For­est. When it was sold in 1818, one of the for­est war­dens, Sir Thomas Acland, took 30 of the ponies and founded the Acland — later An­chor — herd, which are recog­nised as true Ex­moor ponies.

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