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Lucinda points out three houses: one up­hill, the oth­ers down­hill. Af­ter the third, Lucinda in­structs Al­li­son to halt smoothly and as straight as she can. Al­li­son uses her voice, say­ing “whoa”. This dis­ci­pline is im­por­tant. “It’s part of the frame­work of dis­ci­pline that we need to put around our horses, rather like for our­selves,” ex­plains Lucinda. “We have to get up, get dressed, brush our teeth and go to work. Our horses need the same level of dis­ci­pline. “He learns the frame­work through the rider be­ing con­sis­tent, so he knows that when we’re jump­ing, he doesn’t refuse or run out, he whoas when you ask him to whoa and goes when you ask him to go. “Halt­ing af­ter ev­ery few fences is the pad­lock on that frame­work. Within that he can be the artist he wants to be and jump as he wants to, but he learns that he can’t go out­side the frame­work.”

Halt­ing and stand­ing still af­ter a se­ries of fences teaches good habits WWW.YOURHORSE.CO.UK

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