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An older horse r equires ex­tra TLC when the sea­sons change. While he will appr eci­ate be­ing sta­bled when it ’s cold and wet, stand­ing still for long pe­ri­ods of time isn’t ideal. “Older horses get s tiff eas­ily, es­pe­cially when it ’s cold and they’re stand­ing still in a con­fined area for hours on end,” ex­plains Kather­ine. “Legs fill and be­come swollen as the mus­cles aren’t con­tract­ing.” Cold weather and re­stricted move­ment can ex­ac­er­bate arthri­tis as well. Break up sta­tion­ary episodes with rid­den w ork, in-hand work, lunge­ing or al­low­ing your horse to roam a barn or other har d- stand­ing area when it’s too wet to turn out. This will help boos t blood flow around his body.

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