Buyer’s guide to clip­pers

Slice your way through the world of clip­pers as we give you all the tips and ad­vice you need to in­vest in the right set for you

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Spend your money wisely and buy the right clip­pers for the job

THE TASK OF choos­ing clip­pers may seem a lit­tle daunt­ing, given the ar­ray of de­signs and op­tions avail­able. There are dif­fer­ent mo­tors, speed rat­ings, power lev­els and other fea­tures to choose from. Plus, you need to think about the more sub­jec­tive el­e­ments too, such as how the clip­pers feel in your hand, how easy they are to use, and how well they clip. A good place to start, as with many things in the horse world, is to ask your friends at the yard what clip­pers they use and whether they’d rec­om­mend them to you. They may even of­fer to lend you theirs to try so you can as­sess whether they’re go­ing to meet your needs. Also, make a visit to your lo­cal coun­try store to find out what clip­pers they stock and dis­cuss your re­quire­ments with them. They’ll be able to of­fer you ad­vice and you can ask if you can hold a few dif­fer­ent mod­els to get a feel for the bal­ance and weight of them.


The main de­ci­sion you need to make is what size clip­pers you need. This will de­pend en­tirely on what clip you’re plan­ning, how of­ten you clip and how thick your horse’s coat is.


These are ca­pa­ble of do­ing a ba­sic clip on finer coats. The blades aren’t as wide as big­ger clip­pers and it’ll take a lit­tle longer to clip, but they’re lighter, smaller and qui­eter, which makes them eas­ier to use. If your horse isn’t keen on be­ing clipped these can also be a good op­tion to help him get used to the feel and noise.


This size is a pop­u­lar choice for many horse own­ers. If you’re look­ing at do­ing a sim­ple clip once or twice a year and your horse has a fine to medium thick­ness coat, these clip­pers will cope well and do a good job.


These are de­signed to cope with clip­ping large amounts of coat and are the ones to choose if you clip a num­ber of horses on a reg­u­lar ba­sis. They’re more pow­er­ful and Bring in the big boys if you have lots of horses that need clip­ping reg­u­larly can cope with heavy us­age over longer pe­ri­ods of time. How­ever, they tend to be heav­ier, nois­ier and more awk­ward to use for clip­ping tricky ar­eas such as the el­bows.

Light duty clip­pers have a smaller blade width

A pop­u­lar choice, medium duty clip­pers will hap­pily clip a not-too-thick coat

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