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fr om The UK gov­ern­ment bought horses Aus­tralia, Ar­gentina, USA and Canada. os­s­ing Many horses died on the sea cr can­not from Amer­ica be­cause a horse vomit and sea­sick­nes s kills them. Horses on the Western Front were pro­vided with masks that were ef­fec­tive against chlo­rine gas.

Dummy horses were some­times used to de­ceive the en­emy into mis­read­ing the loca tion of troops. Horses were con­sid­ered so valu­able to the army that if a sol­dier ’s horse was killed or died, he had t o cut his off a hoof and bring it back t o com­mand­ing of­fi­cer to prove they hadn’t sim­ply be­come sep­a­rated.


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