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Once your horse has ne­go­ti­ated the poles in ex­er­cise two in a re­laxed way, with­out hol­low­ing or los­ing his rhythm, in­tro­duce a straight bar fence to jump from can­ter. “This is an­other ex­er­cise to help with rhythm, which is just a lit­tle more chal­leng­ing for him.” ex­plains Katie. “The aim is for your horse to ne­go­ti­ate the fence as if it isn’t there, so he’s just jump­ing it out of his nor­mal stride.”

How to ride it

Build an up­right on one of the long sides of your arena, with two poles placed on the ground, one on ei­ther side of the fence (as shown right), to help your horse judge the take-off. This will give him con­fi­dence too. When you feel your horse is ready, pick up can­ter and go large around the school. Aim for a steady rhythm and bal­ance, par­tic­u­larly in the cor­ners. From which­ever rein your horse finds eas­i­est, turn to­wards the fence. Keep­ing the can­ter for­ward and bal­anced, aim for the mid­dle of the fence, try­ing not to in­ter­fere with your horse as you ap­proach. If, like DB2, your horse takes of­fence (right) at the jump, sim­ply ride away and ap­proach again, keep­ing your leg on and a con­tact through the reins. Bridg­ing your reins can help if your horse gets too strong or pulls you out of the sad­dle.

DB2 takes of­fence at the jump and be­gins to slam on the brakes

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