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On av­er­age, Mar­waris range be­tween 14.2hh and 15.2hh, but can be dif­fer­ent heights depend­ing on where they are bred, with some up to 16hh. Colours in­clude bay, grey, chest­nut, palomino, piebald or skew­bald, black or white. Grey horses tend to be the most valu­able, with piebald and skew­bald be­ing the sec­ond most favoured. Black horses are con­sid­ered un­lucky, as the colour is a sym­bol of death and dark­ness. Mar­waris that have a white blaze and four white socks are con­sid­ered lucky. White horses are used for re­li­gious cer­e­monies only. Mar­waris can ro­tate their ears 180 de­grees. Hair whorls and their place­ment is im­por­tant to breed­ers. Horses with long whorls down the neck are lucky, whorls be­low the eyes are un­pop­u­lar, while whorls on the fet­locks are thought to bring vic­tory.

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