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Tran­si­tions — lots of them — are key ex­er­cises in de­vel­op­ing bal­ance and sup­ple­ness. “Al­though tran­si­tions are some­thing we do all the time when we’re school­ing, we don’t al­ways think too much about them,” says Katie. “For them to be use­ful, they have to be ex­e­cuted cor­rectly, so al­ways ride them with pur­pose.”

How to ride it

1 In walk, on a cir­cle or straight line, ask your horse to halt, keep­ing your hands light so he doesn’t fall onto his fore­hand. 2 Halt for four sec­onds, then ask for walk — ide­ally you want an im­me­di­ate re­sponse, but you may not get this straight­away. Re­peat sev­eral times. 3 Try the same with walk to trot tran­si­tions, walk­ing for four strides be­fore trot­ting. Aim for a walk that is rhyth­mi­cal and pur­pose­ful, and a clean up­wards tran­si­tion.

The more tran­si­tions you do, the bet­ter

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