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Strive to stretch An ex-race­horse will ben­e­fit from lots of long and low work. It helps build the cor­rect mus­cles, teaches him to lower his head and is great for his mind too. If he’s not too fresh, start ev­ery ses­sion this way.

Be creative A school­ing ses­sion that is full of tran­si­tions, shapes and changes of pace will keep your ex-racer’s sharp mind oc­cu­pied. Don’t do any one move­ment for too long.

Be pa­tient Re-train­ing an ex-race­horse is mas­sively re­ward­ing, but it takes time. Rush it and your horse will be stressed in his mind and tired through his body. Take it slowly and cor­rectly and you could very well have a su­per­star on your hands.

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