Push­ing bound­aries

From bat­tling the most ex­treme weather con­di­tions at sea to keep­ing eques­tri­ans dry and warm at all times, Musto leads the way in cloth­ing

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KEITH MUSTO’S SIL­VER medal in sail­ing at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics was sym­bolic of his de­ter­mi­na­tion to suc­ceed. Train­ing and com­pet­ing were true tests of his met­tle: a re­forg­ing of his char­ac­ter that led to him es­tab­lish­ing the Musto brand. Keith recog­nised that his cloth­ing was the big­gest hin­drance to his mil­lisec­ond Olympic de­feat. Sailors would of­ten wear flan­nel jack­ets and Guernsey lay­ers to keep warm, but th­ese fab­rics be­came cold and heavy when wet. Af­ter months of re­search, he sourced new fab­rics that had the per­for­ma­tiv­ity tra­di­tional sail­ing fab­rics didn’t.

From wa­ter to land

In 1987, while watch­ing his daugh­ter com­pete in event­ing, Keith no­ticed spec­ta­tors wore wax-based jack­ets that be­came heavy when wet. It was then he de­cided to de­sign cloth­ing to keep both spec­ta­tors and rid­ers pro­tected. Us­ing fab­rics and tech­nolo­gies tested in 50,000 miles of ocean, Musto en­gi­neered spe­cialised gar­ments that could with­stand ex­tended pe­ri­ods in the great out­doors.

EquiSyn­ergy sys­tem

Musto’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary 3-Layer Sys­tem, de­vel­oped in 1979, was adapted over the years and com­pleted in 2006. The re­sult was the EquiSyn­ergy Sys­tem: a rider-spe­cific cloth­ing sys­tem fea­tur­ing lighter, tech­ni­cal fab­rics that pro­vide rid­ers with water­proof, wick­ing and warm lay­ers, with­out cre­at­ing bulk in the sad­dle. The foun­da­tion of any 3-Layer Sys­tem works by mov­ing mois­ture away from the body quickly. Wa­ter trans­mits heat up to 30 times faster than air, so the wet­ter the body, the greater the loss of body heat. A com­bi­na­tion of high-wick­ing fab­ric and mesh un­der­arm pan­els en­sure a high level of breatha­bil­ity and ab­sorp­tion that moves mois­ture away from the skin. The in­su­lat­ing and highly breath­able mid­layer, Pri­maLoft®, de­liv­ers bal­anced warmth with the light­ness of down, com­bined with tech­ni­cal prop­er­ties such as wa­ter re­sis­tance, fast-dry­ing and high breatha­bil­ity. A fully water­proof jacket com­pletes the 3-Layer Sys­tem. Musto was first to in­tro­duce Gore-Tex® mem­branes: with a wind­proof struc­ture and microscopic pores 20,000 times smaller than a drop of wa­ter, this sup­plies the ul­ti­mate all-weather pro­tec­tion.

Be­ing the best

To­day, the col­lec­tion has con­tin­ued to push the bound­aries of out­door pro­tec­tion. Each item in the new Musto Coun­try Life­style Col­lec­tion holds a hid­den tech­nol­ogy or tech­ni­cal fea­ture. Take Musto’s new Holkham Oil Cloth Jacket for men and Berke­ley Oil Cloth Jacket for women as two ex­am­ples. Th­ese fully water­proof coun­try jack­ets are con­structed from en­gi­neered oil cloth twill. The outer fab­ric re­tains the look of a tra­di­tional wax jacket, but with a soft, luxe feel and a lighter weight when wet. With a Musto BR1 drop liner be­tween the oil cloth and in­ner liner, the mem­brane pre­vents wa­ter pen­e­trat­ing through to the skin. The eye­catch­ing check lin­ing, ad­justable waist and deep pock­ets add to the coun­try aes­thetic, mak­ing this the ideal jacket for any out­door pur­suit.

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