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John Blake of Breck­land Far­ri­ers Ltd of­fers his ad­vice on how own­ers can help their horse’s hooves dur­ing the most test­ing time of year: Pick out your horse’s feet on a reg­u­lar ba­sis to check for in­jury and ill­ness. Ap­ply­ing hoof oil to a clean, dry hoof can pre­vent too much wa­ter be­ing ab­sorbed into the hoof. Reg­u­lar shoe­ing and trim­ming is vi­tal to keep on top of cracks and im­bal­ances. I of­ten rec­om­mend that clients re­move their horse’s shoes dur­ing the win­ter months if they aren’t do­ing much, es­pe­cially horses who are prone to rip­ping shoes off. Hoof growth slows down in the win­ter, mak­ing it more dif­fi­cult to shoe horses with poor hoof caused by shoes be­ing torn off. Don’t leave hoof care to the last minute. Reg­u­lar trim­ming all year round will set your horse’s hooves up for win­ter — pre­ven­tion is bet­ter than cure.

Oil­ing hooves helps pre­vent too much wa­ter be­ing ab­sorbed into the hoof

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