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To cre­ate the ideal con­di­tions for sleep, own­ers should take into ac­count the de­gree of stress in other ar­eas of their horse’s life. Could any of the fol­low­ing be af­fect­ing your tired horse in some way?

■ Pain or ill­ness

■ Par­a­sites

■ In­ap­pro­pri­ate diet

■ Harsh rid­ing

■ Lack of move­ment

All of th­ese fac­tors have the po­ten­tial to in­crease stress and con­se­quently re­duce sleep. In some cases, the is­sue may only be re­solved by a com­plete over­haul of the horse’s liv­ing con­di­tions, even con­sid­er­ing a new yard that of­fers full-time turnout.


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