Big bad wolf teeth

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Q Why do horses have wolf teeth if they cause so many prob­lems? Amanda Cavanagh, Mersey­side James says... Mil­lions of years ago, wolf teeth were sim­i­lar in size to the rest of the horse’s mo­lars and func­tioned as grind­ing/ chew­ing teeth. Back then, horses were for­est-dwelling bush eaters, with the cheek teeth be­ing small and nar­row, like those of goats and sheep. There were there­fore seven func­tional cheek teeth in each ‘ar­cade’ of teeth, com­pared to six in to­day’s horses. As equines have evolved, the wolf teeth haven’t. They have no func­tion now and are lit­tle more than a nui­sance for any rid­den horse, so I al­ways ad­vise re­moval.

Wolf teeth can be a nui­sance for rid­den horses

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