Is it better to sleep apart?



My husband has been suffering from insomnia for several years. Our decision to have separate bedrooms is very successful. Good quality sleep is very important and the closeness of our relationsh­ip has not been affected. Ann Martin, Middx


My partner wakes at 4.30am to go to work, but as soon as his head touches the pillow at 10pm, he snores. He will not have a window open so I struggled to sleep with the snores and the heat, plus I like to read before going to sleep. I eventually decided to sleep in my son’s vacant room. The bliss of no snores, no sweating and no being disturbed at 4.30am. Bring on sleeping separately. Mrs C Tasker, Kent


We have a king-size bed but separate duvets. Mine is a five-tog single, my husband’s a double 15-tog (he’d have a 30-tog if I let him). When we settle down at night to sleep, I tuck him in his duvet and I snuggle down in mine. No need for separate rooms or separate beds, problem solved. Mary Tomblin, by email


I met my partner 14 years ago and the only time we’ve slept apart was when he didn’t live with me. Neither of us can understand why you would want to sleep apart, if the relationsh­ip is strong. We’re on this planet for such a short time – surely some inconvenie­nce and tolerance of each other makes life worth living with the person you love? Linda Joseph, by email

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