Part 2: wildlife in the gar­den

Karen Mur­phy ex­plains how you can at­tract the crea­tures that will help your gar­den thrive

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Ahealthy gar­den is one that teems with an­i­mals and in­sects, where the wildlife pol­li­nates plants and keeps pests at bay with­out the need for chem­i­cals. Here’s our pick of the best easy-to-grow plants to en­tice ben­e­fi­cial in­sects and crea­tures in!


Bright, beau­ti­ful but­ter­flies are a sight to be­hold in sum­mer, flit­ting from bloom to bloom and bright­en­ing up our gar­dens. They’re known as a sign of a good qual­ity of gar­den life be­cause they pol­li­nate a range of plants and their cater­pil­lars are vi­tal food for baby birds, too. Cer­tainly some cater­pil­lars can be trou­ble­some to bras­sica crops, but on the other hand they’ll en­cour­age birds such as sky­larks or goldfinches to the gar­den, which will gob­ble them up.

Adult but­ter­flies do lit­tle dam­age and a good tip is to plant lots of nas­tur­tiums to lure them away from your cab­bages!

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