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I suf­fer from sen­si­tive skin and strug­gle with prickly heat. Do you have any tips for pre­vent­ing it?

Kate San­ders, North York­shire


Sum­mer skin flare-ups are no fun. Here are our top preven­tion tips from Char­lotte Vo­htz, Founder of Green Peo­ple. “Prickly heat oc­curs when sweat glands be­come blocked, pre­vent­ing the skin from reg­u­lat­ing its own tem­per­a­ture ef­fec­tively,” ex­plains Char­lotte. “One of the eas­i­est ways to min­imise your chance of de­vel­op­ing prickly heat is by spend­ing more time in the shade. Loose cot­ton cloth­ing, rather than syn­thet­ics, will also help keep you cooler and min­imise sweat­ing. Chem­i­cal laden and pore-clog­ging sun lo­tions can trig­ger prickly heat. Look for sun screen for sen­si­tive skin, that of­fers broad spec­trum high-fac­tor pro­tec­tion that’s free from pore-clog­ging sil­i­cones and min­eral oils.”

Try Green Peo­ple’s Scent Free Sun Lo­tion SPF30, £22/200ml

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