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Buff your base

Lightly buff the tops and sides of the nails with a buf­fer, but don’t overdo it be­cause if they’re too smooth, the pol­ish won’t stick to the nail prop­erly. Buff­ing them too thinly can weaken them, mak­ing them prone to bend­ing.

Cu­ti­cle care

Healthy cu­ti­cles help your man­i­cure last longer and look ti­dier. Don’t cut them be­cause they act as a bar­rier to pro­tect your body from in­fec­tion. In­stead, soften them with Su­per­drug’s Con­di­tion­ing Cu­ti­cle Cream with Vi­ta­min E (£2.99). Mas­sage into the cu­ti­cle then gen­tly ease it back with a wooden cu­ti­cle stick.

File and shape

Round or oval nail shapes are a strong and uni­ver­sally flat­ter­ing choice. Al­ways file your nails in one di­rec­tion only and opt for a crys­tal glass nail file, which is more durable than emery boards and kinder to nails too. Try the H&M Glass Nail File (£2.99).

Clean your base

Any traces of old pol­ish or cream on your nail can af­fect the fin­ish and longevity of your man­i­cure, so use a nail pol­ish re­mover first. An ace­tone­free ver­sion is a gen­tler so­lu­tion – try Su­per­drug’s Nour­ish­ing Nail Pol­ish Re­mover (£1.39/250ml).

Keep it coated

A base coat will prevent stain­ing and help your pol­ish last. We love Barry

M’s Su­per Mani 7 in 1 Nail Treat­ment (£3.99/10ml), which con­tains ker­atin and ar­gan oil. Fin­ish with a top coat to en­sure your colour lasts. As you ap­ply, swipe the very tip of your nail to cre­ate a pro­tec­tive cap to prevent chip­ping. Try Revlon’s ColorS­tay Gel Envy Di­a­mond Top Coat (£7.99) – it recre­ates a salon fin­ish. ■

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