Can I prevent bowel can­cer?

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“Al­though bowel can­cer is the fourth most com­mon can­cer in the UK, it is pre­ventable and treat­able,” says Gail Curry, from Bowel Can­cer UK. “Mak­ing sim­ple changes to your life­style will help stack the odds against it, such as tak­ing up more ex­er­cise, be­ing a healthy weight, eat­ing more fi­bre from whole­grains, fruit and veg­eta­bles, cut­ting down on al­co­hol, and stop­ping smok­ing.

“Bowel screen­ing is the best way to get di­ag­nosed early, when treat­ment is more likely to be suc­cess­ful as it looks for hid­den blood in your poo. If you’re aged be­tween 60 and 74 (50 and 74 in Scot­land) en­sure you com­plete the free bowel can­cer screen­ing test that ar­rives in the post ev­ery two years.

“Watch out for symp­toms such as bleed­ing from your bot­tom and/or blood in your poo, a per­sis­tent and un­ex­plained change in bowel habit, un­ex­plained weight loss, ex­treme tired­ness and a pain or lump in your tummy and re­port them to your GP.”

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