Should I take as­pirin for my heart?

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“It is un­nec­es­sary for most peo­ple to take as­pirin,” says GP Dr Ron McCul­loch (www.pall­mallmed­i­cal. “Your doc­tor may put you on a reg­u­lar pre­scrip­tion after a stroke or heart at­tack, but it’s not rec­om­mended for those who are oth­er­wise healthy.

“As­pirin is most com­monly pre­scribed for pain re­lief, but at a lower dosage (75mg) it acts as a ‘blood-thin­ner’ and can prevent fur­ther clot­ting.

“As with any med­i­ca­tion, as­pirin can have side ef­fects so it’s best to talk through your per­sonal med­i­cal his­tory with your GP.”

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